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Our story

Since 1996, Spring Communication was established in Shenzhen, started our business on sheet metal parts in IT field, we won our customers good reputation step by step. 

From 1999, Spring became one of the critical providers of outdoor cabinets in domestic market. And international business began at the same year. 

In 2003, we built new factory with advanced equipments in Ningbo City.

Until 2009,  With good demand from North America and European market, we set up the third factory.  ICT technology is improving year by year, our rich experience and professionalism enable us to design, produce, test, assemble customized solutions. 

Starting from 2018, our experienced team raise up the company further into a new phase. International and domestic environment are changing, Low-cost manufacturing and facilities are not the key advantages. We adjust our strategy from production-focus into customer-focus.  We will concentrate on our professional integrated service and customized products. 

We are connecting experts, catching up with the latest technology in this field, keeping our highest quality requirement and innovation sprit, and insist our cooperation with world leading company, develop our own special advantages, provide world class, more reliable, convenient and sustainability solutions and service to the world-wide customers and partners.


NO.818, Qiming Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. 

Website: www.nbspringsystem.com

Tel:  +86 574 88276805

Email: maey.li@nbspringsystem.com


Keep cooperation with  more and more world-wide customers and partners , gaining their trusts , creating our value to them with world leading solutions and services.







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