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  • Micro-module Data Center

    Application: The micro-module data center is designed to deal with the changes of cloud computing, virtualization, centralization, high density and other servers, improve the operation efficiency of the data center, reduce energy consumption, and achieve rapid expansion without affecting each other. Micromodule data center refers to a complete data center which can be backed up by multiple micro-modules with independent functions and unified input and output interfaces and micro-modules in different regions, and formed by the arrangement and combination of related micro-modules. Micromodule Data Center is an integrated, standard, optimal, intelligent, highly adaptable infrastructure environment and highly available computing environment.

  • Containerized Data Center

    Application:Traditional data centers suffer from long construction periods, high energy consumption and high initial investment. To help resolve these issues, Containerized data center solves this problem very well, which has a highly integrated power system, environmental monitoring, cooling systems, racks, cabling, fire control, security and other infrastructure facilities. This solution complies with the diverse business needs of customers today. Application Scenarios IT load 90kW Fast deployment, staged deployment scenario Data center Value & Features Easy Prefabricated and pre-tested, ensure deploy time is one week Modular structure realizes fast & on-demand deployment Intelligent management makes unattended operation Efficient High energy efficiency, PUE down to 1.2 High density and saving 80% footprint data center Reliable Component/device/system triple reliable design IP56 external protection level and 9 intensity anti-seismic level. Operate without interrupted from -40 C to +55 C 3

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