Outdoor Cabinet & Sever Rack - Spring system
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  • Micro-module Data Center

    The micro-module data center is designed to deal with the changes of cloud computing, virtualization, centralization, high density and other servers, improve the operation efficiency of the data center, reduce energy consumption, and achieve rapid expansion without affecting each other.

  • Containerized Modular Data Center Solution

    This project is an intelligent, reliable, efficient and energysaving, fast installation of innovative solutionThis solution reguires 3 rooms for Power system. CT andIT. Instead of traditional way to build up 3 normal rooms, wechoose 3 pre-fabricated/full functionality containers

  • Outdoor Cabinet AC Power Solution

    Ningbo Spring System Integration Co, LtdMarch 2018

  • Full Integrated FTTH Solutions

    FTTX Cabling System consists of fibers, terminaldevices, passive components for connectingbetween OLTS and ONUS

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