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  • Thermal Analysis and Simulation of Passive Cabinet Plus

    The Passive Plus Variant will be based on the standard MFG family design. There will be however introduced some essential changes within the design to incorporate the increase passive capabilities like creased internal wall area for improved heat energy transfer; Air-flow management by CFD optimized geometry of in-between walls for increased chimney effect; Use of CFD optimized air deflectors for air flow steering helping to achieve unfomal temperature spread within the cabinet.

  • Analysis and Simulation of rack loading

    Generally network racks have to bear heavy and expensive network equipment for a long time, and have high requirements on the structure and materials of the network rack. In order to accurately design a product that meets the standards, we conducted a finite element simulation analysis to analyze the weakest parts of the product to find a reasonable material matching and reasonable design structure to meet the requirements.

  • Metal encloure water condensation solution

    Condensate in the communication outdoor cabinet will cause great harm to the communication equipment, and the conventional metal cabinet often has cold rising water in the winter. How to prevent condensate from appearing in the cabinet is a major problem in current communication cabinets. We have provided a corresponding solution.

  • GREEN FCS proposal

    The Free Cooling System is a solution designed to provide a highly energy efficient, robust and reliable free cooling functionality to new and existing Shelter Solutions located in any climate.

  • Product Development Process (PDP)

    Objective of the Process is to demonstrate Spring technical and production capabilities in terms of MFG Cabinets development and production

  • Quality System

    Spring has a complete quality management system, which can manage the whole process of production process and product quality, provide customers with good quality products and services, and continuously improve, and has passed ISO9001/ISO14001 and other quality system certification.

  • Enclosure Test Report 60950-22

    Spring offers ODM design and processing services to customers, meets international IEC 60950-22 standards, NEMA Ratings, and provides compliance testing reports from third-party laboratories.

  • Corrosion Test

    Corrosion Test

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