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  • Fan Tray Unit

    Application:With today’s high density heat loads inside server racks, cooling should be an integral part of the rack equipment. Fan Tray Unit series is designed as a cost effective but reliable airflow solution. A full range of form factor options are available for different data center needs.While the fan tray is rack-mounted at the top, the hot air can be exhausted efficiently from the rack. While the rackmount fan tray is installed at the bottom of the rack, a cool air intake can work. A rackmount fan tray in the middle of the rack provides an advanced cooling method.

  • Exhaust Filter Fan

    Application:Efficient ventilation, heat dissipation, dustproof and insect proof, used in various communication cabinets, power distribution cabinets, IP room cabinets and other fields.

  • Power Distribution Unit

    Application:SX PDU Series are strictly designed according to international standard and have been awarded invention.Internationally leading technology, original and novel structure, safe and reliable quality, easy installation and wide use. All products have modularized structure that can be manufactured according to customer's technological requirements, and have passed the authoritative international organization’s safety testing and certification, accord with the regulations of European Union RoHS directive.

  • Air Conditioner

    Application:SPW12 air conditioner is a temperature control equipment of using DC compressor with DC fan, used in the battery compartment, equipment room, power cabinet and integrated enclosures. Effectively solved the control cabinet of heating.

  • Cabinets Cable Management Dust Cover Brush for Cable Entry

    Application:Escalator/Elevator Safety Brush, Door Strip Seal Brush, Grommet Brush for Server Rack Cabinet/Raised Access Floor/Technical Furniture/Letter Plate Brush/Wall Plate Brush,Roller Brush, Inverted Disk Brush, etc.

  • 24 Port/Wst CAT.6 Patch Panel

    Application: CAT.6 PATCH PANEL can be applied to 1000Mbps Ethernet Networking.The patch panel can be mounted on any standard 483(19in) equipment rack or communication cabinet as shown.The back cable management help you to arrange and tie the cable orderly and conveniently.You can impact into 110IDC with 110 impact Tool or Krone impact Tool convenient.Features meet FCC subpart 68 requirements, this Patch Panel can provide all 250 MHz bandwidth.

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