Outdoor Cabinet & Sever Rack - Spring system
This is Spring System

Spring System designs and builds top quality off-the-shelf, modified-standard and customized enclosures, server racks and cabinets for industrial environments, data centers and outdoor applications.

With 20 years manufacturing experiences in the Telecom industry, Spring System provides one stop services from engineering design, prototype design verification, pilot run, mass production, testing and inspection, to field service and end customer's feedback.......

Our Product Advantages
  • Listening
  • Communication
  • Customization
  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • IP Protection

An ability to know or predict what the customer will need is critical.we listen to customers and understand what our current and future customers need and make sure we deliver exactly what they want.

No existing solution is perfect, but the solutions worked out under sufficient communication with customers can be, our solution can solve customer's current issues, prevent potential risks, and meet customer's expectations.

Unlike other manufacturers who only provide existing products, our strategy is providing customized solution or products to meet customer's specific demand.

The systematic innovation process is part of our future management and business strategy. Optimal management of research, development and usage of resources will generate ideas to provide products and solutions that are highly relevant to consumers and customers.

Good solution, adequate manufacturing capabilities, effective quality control, strong team coordination, and the result-driven philosophy, guarantees the projects in good implementation. There are kinds of manufacturing process to be applied for different volumes and different materials, which are suitable for both big volume production and low volume high mixed production

The biggest asset of biggest companies in the world is their IPR as they derive maximum economic benefit out of proprietary technology. Spring System pays high attention on customer's and other relative company's IPR. Meanwhile we have procedures to protect our inventions or innovative works from infringements.

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